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This branded worksection Template has been developed by NATSPEC in conjunction with DEFLECTA and may be used whilst the Product Partner is licensed to distribute it. The copyright remains with NATSPEC. As with all NATSPEC worksections, it is the responsibility of the user to make sure it is completed appropriately for the project. The user should also review its applicability for local conditions and regulations.

DEFLECTA develops and manufactures in Melbourne, protection products for concrete. Designed specifically to kill bacteria on and within the concrete matrix is DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL, Australia’s only Government Certified and Registered product for bacteria control. DEFLECTA’s product range also targets moisture control, hydrostatic pressure, mould, mildew and fungi, dust and slip resistance for Industry Sectors such as Health, Food Processing, Warehousing & Manufacturing, Freezer and Chillers, Car Parks, Schools and Sport Centres, Animal Husbandry, Equine, and Kennels facilities.

Download the branded worksection

Download the branded worksection

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