Domestic Online

Domestic Online is an on-line specification editor that significantly streamlines the specification writing process for domestic projects. It includes the same content as BUILDING Domestic but editing is done by choosing items from a selection tree rather than directly editing a Word file. Changes to your specification can also be made more quickly; you simply select new items from the selection tree and deselect items no longer required; your specification is updated automatically!

Domestic Online is for building designers specifying site and building works for residential projects. It also includes worksections for mechanical, hydraulic and electrical services design and installation.
Domestic Online Guide Domestic Online Guide                                                                                                                 
Intended use

Project types

  • New dwellings
  • Alterations and additions to existing dwellings

Size and complexity

Less complex single dwellings of standard residential construction

Typical users

Architects and building designers

Subscription options

Single Project Subscription
Create a specification for a project
at one address only
$105 (inc GST)

Annual Subscription (BUILDING Domestic)
Create an unlimited number of specifications during the subscription period
$340.00 + GST P.A.


See Domestic subscription costs and conditions for a full comparison of each subscription option.

Cash back for new Annual subscriptions

If, within a week of paying for a Single Project Subscription to Domestic Online you submit a completed order and payment authorisation form for an Annual Subscription, the cost of using it for the first time will be deducted from the Annual Subscription.

Try before you buy

You can try Domestic Online before deciding whether to subscribe.

To access Domestic Online you will need to create an account, requiring your name and email address. To get started, click here, then click on the Create Account button

What you can do for free

  • Create a project
  • Select items to be included in your specification from the selection tree
  • Preview your specification online
  • Complete the schedules selected

Additional things you can do after payment

  • Annual Subscription: Download and print an editable Word document of your specification
  • Single Project Subscription: Download and print a non-editable Word document of your specification




Single Project subscription:

  • Online access for 6 months from the date of payment to create a project specification for a single address. Unlimited amendments to the specification can be made within the 6 month subscription period.
  • Downloadable, NON-EDITABLE Word documents watermarked with the project address. All editing has to be done online.

 Annual Subscription:

  • Online access for the duration of the subscription period (2 year minimum) to create an unlimited number of specifications.
  • Downloadable, fully editable Word documents of all specifications created online.
  • Fully searchable pdf version of BUILDING Domestic with highlighted updates.
  • Package USB for backup.
  • Domestic Online is included in the BUILDING Domestic package. See full product details

All Domestic Online subscriptions:

  • Guidance text to assist specification decision making (in online preview only; not in downloaded Word document).
  • The content of the online specification preview automatically updates to reflect the latest BUILDING Domestic Update.
  • Instructional guides and technical resources including TECHnotes.
  • Branded worksections.

 Upgrading from a Single Project Subscription to an Annual Subscription

After upgrading your subscription, specifications created under the Single Project Subscription will behave the same way as those created under an Annual Subscription. That is, you will be able to create editable Word documents. Note though, for a document created under a Single Project Subscription to become editable, it will need to be downloaded from Domestic Online again.