A guide to NATSPEC worksections

NATSPEC uses the term worksection to describe the foundation unit of a specification. Some worksections are trade based (e.g. brick and blockwork), others follow processes (e.g. windows, lining) or systems (e.g. insulated roofing systems).

Worksections Templates are MS Word documents. They must be edited to include project information and together with other edited worksections form the project specification.

  • NATSPEC Template structure – a guide to the arrangement and content of the sections, clauses and subclauses in a NATSPEC template.
  • NATSPEC Template word styles – a guide to the different text styles used in a NATSPEC template.
  • How to complete a NATSPEC Template – a guide to editing a NATSPEC template, when to add and when to delete.
  • NATSPEC STYLEguide – a alphabetical guide to the NATSPEC and AUS-SPEC style rules, including preferred spelling, grammar, punctuation, hyphenation, forms of expression, and method of citation and cross referencing.

NATSPEC worksections Templates can be generic or branded. A generic worksection is general and comprehensive. Branded worksections are developed by NATSPEC in conjunction with the manufacturer (known as a Product Partner) and may be used whilst the Product Partner is licensed to distribute it. Branded worksections are generally based on the associated generic worksection and share the same classification number. See NATSPEC TECHnote GEN 008 for more on branded versus generic worksections.